Construction Site Safety for Winter

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Construction Site Safety for Winter

As a business that regularly sells scaffolding to MA and NH construction companies, we have learned over the years that these sites slow down during the winter months, but rarely ever stop. If there is a project that needs completing, these business owners work day and night to ensure it is finished. That being said, […]

OSHA Winter Weather Precautions to Know

The United States Department of Labor, Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are faced with addressing a variety of workplace and construction accidents every year. With half of our country receiving snow during the winter months, concerns of worker safety while cleaning roofs during construction is a top concern. Based on the number of these […]

Tips for Using Ladders in the Winter

Nation Wide Ladder works every day with professionals in the construction industry that must meet specific requirements and standards for their ladders and other equipment, but we know that many homeowners are not even aware of proper ladder practices in MA! As the winter season sets in, there could be a dozen reasons you need […]

FAQs About Scaffolding

It’s not every day you must buy scaffolding for personal or business use. Perhaps one of the most important parts of owning any scaffolding system is awareness of standards set in place that prevent injury of your employees, yourself, or your business. Nation Wide Ladder receives many questions about our products, and we have a […]

Warehouse Ladder Safety Tips

Nation Wide Ladder always wants our customers to get the most out of our fall protection and construction equipment, and for that reason, we are well-versed in many of the standard safety tips provided for our products. If you are looking to invest in a warehouse ladder, remember these important guidelines. Inspect the ladder before […]

Top OSHA Violations

As one of the most frequently cited standards in the construction industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to protect construction workers who use construction equipment such as scaffolding in NH, MA, and across the country. Nation Wide Ladder knows how important it is to keep your crew safe and to avoid delays, and […]

Tips While Working On Scaffolding

It isn’t uncommon that when we’re talking about scaffolding in NH or MA with our customers, they are quickly followed by the words fall protection and safety. Though this construction equipment is created with safety in mind, some users might not know or follow basic safety tips while in use. Because Nation Wide Ladder wants […]

Why Fall Protection Matters

For anyone who might be new to construction or technical work, fall protection might feel like another expense to add to the long list when buying construction equipment. You could be wondering how important fall protection is for your job site when it is a “small” project, but we can think of three very important […]

Roof Repairs with Nation Wide Ladder Fall Protection

Spring and summer are here, and there are plenty of chores to complete around (or on top of) the house or as you start your new construction job. Nation Wide Ladder knows the importance of offering fall protection for our customers because accidents and mistakes are not subjective. As you start your next roofing project, […]

When In Doubt, Use Common Sense!

Whenever we have new customers enter our store for the first time, we’re excited to teach them the ropes of buying ladders in NH! Our experts love to show off some of our latest and greatest construction equipment because it’s what we’re passionate about. Every once in a while, we will receive calls after these […]