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Van Shelving & Drawers

Kargo Master

Trade Packages

The traditional Kargo Master Trade Packages have been designed and field tested to provide all the storage and organizational capabilities you need to work quicker, safer and more profitably. These unique storage system incorporate the patented Kargo Master Pivot Pro drawer system. No longer will you be forced to crawl over the inevitable aisle clutter to access your stuff!

All Welded Shelf Units

All shelves rest of half shear buttons for additional strength and support. Shelves welded to end panels gives greater support and eliminates rattle. No assembly required. Quick, easy, and less costly to in tall. Contoured top enables shelves to fit flush against van walls. Welded steel back panels give additional rigidity and support. Shelving is coated with hard scratch and chip resistant powder coat. Numerous time and space saving accessories available.

EZ Adjustable Shelving

Convenient Formed shelf supports and permanent “pressed-in” fasteners enable you to assemble EX shelf units in less than 15 minutes. Contoured end panels provide flush fit to can side, widest possible van aisle. Full del shelf back provides additional strength and convenience. Position the middle shelf to accept Kargo Mater standard drawer cabinets, or select two other practical shelf heights. Or, install an optional 4th shelf accessory. Middle shelf height can be adjusted with shelf unit mounted in the can. Each shelf comes with build-in 2″ lips to contain cargo. Assemble with shelf lips down or up.

Floor Drawer Unit

Floor Drawer Unit

Heavy-Duty long 3 drawer cabinet can be installed on the floor behind the bulkhead or above the rear wheel well. 52″ drawer extension provides ready access to equipment and parts while standing outside the van. Each heavy-duty drawer has 250 Lb. load capacity. Includes 4 plastic bins and bin dividers.

Pivot Pro 3 Long Drawer Unit On Rotating Wheel Well Stand

Pivot Pro

Kargo Master’s mastery of design and function the new Pivot Pro™ offers an innovating spin with a rotating wheel well stand. It is designed to support up to 750 lbs; 250 lb. Load Capacity for EACH drawer. Rotates slightly so drawers clear van’s rear door jam. Heavy-duty ball and roller bearings ensure smooth stable rotation. Stand’s positive stops lock cabinets in either rotated and non rotated positions.

Shelf Accessories