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Frequently Asked Questions About Ladders

Where Can I purchase ladders and fall protection?

Nation Wide Ladder offers both ladders and fall protection right here on this website. They are showcased on individual pages that you can browse. If there is an item you are interested in, feel free to call us today at 1-800-228-2518. Or see our CONTACT US page to the right hand side.

How do I receive the equipment I am purchasing?

Nation Wide Ladder delivers. Yes, we ship our products anywhere in the United States. At Nation Wide Ladder, we understand that you are more than just a customer. It is a hassle to take time out of your day and pick up large equipment. For this reason, we ship to locations near you in the United States. We are based out of Massachusetts and offer equipment for scaffolding in MA. If you live in New England we offer door to door delivery service for your convenience!

Where can I learn more about ladder safety and fall protection?

You can learn about ladder safety and fall protection at many different places. Pages on the internet and brochures that come with your equipment will all encourage caution when using ladders, scaffolding in MA, or any type of fall protection equipment. Safety and precaution is always encouraged for legal reasons, but may sometimes be different depending on the source you are getting it from. No matter the content, one good habit to always practice is redundancy. Each time you use any ladders or fall protection, double or triple check that it is being used properly.

Never use ladders or fall protection unless you fully understand their proper use and have read the instructions. Most of the time, common sense will get the job done. Remember that it only takes one careless moment to become injured.

What if my ladder breaks?

If your ladder breaks, contact the ladder company you bought it from immediately. You should never try “do-it-yourself” repair with any kind of ladder or fall protection equipment. Many ladder companies will offer some type of durability warrantee. In the worst case scenario, purchasing a new ladder might be your best option.

What size stepladder do I need to reach 12 feet?

  • 8 feet

Does anyone make a fiberglass extension ladder bigger than 40 feet?

  • No

How high do power ladders reach?

  • 44 feet

How high can I go with a alum-a-pole?

  • 50 feet shoulder high

What is the largest extension ladder available?

  • 60 feet

What is the proper angle used to rest an extension ladder securely?

  • 75.5 degrees

 *If you have any questions about our ladders or products, feel free to call us today at 1-800-228-2519.