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Construction equipment Whether you are new to the construction industry or would just like to have a wider array of tools, it is always good to have some knowledge in your corner. Knowing what to buy, what works well for particular tasks, and more tidbits are key to building your collection. However, knowing what to look for can become overwhelming. Bear these tips in mind and your construction equipment collection will be comprehensive enough for the tasks you perform.


  • Consider What They’ll Get Used For 

Will you be on the site with a construction crew, or are you going to just do some occasional repairs around the house? The type of job you will use the tools for is important, and will eliminate plenty of tools from your list that serve no purpose in different scenarios.


  • Assess Space

You’ll need a place to store all of those tools, and finding out how much room you have available will keep you organized. Be sure of how much you can store, then construct a budget based on your allotted space. That way, you aren’t cramming up a garage with excess tools.


  • Consider Budget 

Browse websites once you know what you need and try your best to estimate how much you will spend on your new construction equipment. Once you have that price point locked down, you’ll be able to factor it into your budget and adjust accordingly.


  • Keep Protection In Mind 

Your life is precious, and you need to take care of yourself during risky ventures. Construction can become dangerous, so investing in fall protection harnesses and other protective pieces is a “must.” Luckily, Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment has plenty of equipment to keep you safe.


Now that you have some ideas about it, investing in construction equipment should be simple enough. For the ladders and equipment you need, call Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment at (603)-434-6911!

SEC X2 BoxPreparing yourself for a construction job has more to it than you may think. Of course, having the details (service provided, location, etc.) right is first and foremost. Have you thought about organizing your tools, though? It seems simple enough to keep your construction equipment in line, but there are simple ways to make it even easier and keep your storage space clean.



1.) Keep The Necessary Tools In Front 

The tools you use during each and every job are, obviously, going to get used the most. For optimal accessibility, keep the frequently used tools at the front of your storage space. Quick and easy access is key!

2.) Group Similar Tools 

If you have tool accessories or tools that do similar jobs, grouping them together makes everything a little bit easier. You won’t have to wander around and see where you put an extra piece or accessory if you have it close to similar equipment.

3.) Label 

Labels are a great, simple, and effective way to find your tools. Whether you want to label them by category, name, or use, it makes finding your construction equipment that much simpler.

4.) Space Items Out 

Have you ever tried to find a shirt on your bedroom floor clothing pile, and just couldn’t because you left too much laundry around? Clutter is never ideal for items that need to be found easily, even if they are seemingly organized. Space your tools out enough so that they are close, but do not crowd each other or get lost in the shuffle.

5.) Keep Inventory 

It’s always useful to know what you have and what you don’t. A comprehensive inventory will show what is already in stock, and you won’t buy any unnecessary tools when you think you need them. An inventory helps you save money, see your collection in a tangible format, and leaves no room for guesswork.



With these tips, your construction equipment will stay completely organized and your work performance will improve. To purchase some quality equipment, give Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment a call at 1-(800)-228-2519!

construction equipmentChances are you have prepared yourself for your next home project or job assignment with a ladder, the paint or other supplies you need, and set aside the space you plan to work on. However, have you thought of giving your safety a boost? Nation Wide Ladder and Equipment offers quality items to add to your construction equipment arsenal that will keep you safe and enhance performance.


1.) Platforms 

For those moments you need a quick boost, a platform will do the job. With an aluminum base and 300 pound load capacity, you should be able to navigate the surface no problem and have the extra lift you need.

2.) Ladder Covers 

It may be one of the last things on your mind, but a ladder can cause some serious damage to surfaces after plenty of contact. Get some piece of mind with ladder covers that will prevent scrapes and other damage.

3.) Stabilizers 

Making direct contact with a window or other vulnerable surface will not end well, especially if the object in question is as heavy as a ladder. With a stabilizer, a ladder stays in place and resists the elements when they strike, creating a safe, stable space for you to work from.

4.) Levelers 

Despite how disruptive and inconvenient they can be, working on uneven surfaces is inevitable. However, there is construction equipment available to take care of the problem. For ladders, there are levelers you can attach to the bottom. It will keep the ladder level, and ensure you stay safe.

5.) Job Bucket 

Carrying around extra supplies can be hard to do when there isn’t much room at your workspace. A job bucket is ideal for conserving space and holding all of the tools you need. Whether you work outside or are a tradesperson that goes from home to home, having an extra place to store your essentials is invaluable.



With these items, your job will become easier and safer. For more quality construction equipment and ladders, contact Nation Wide Ladder and Equipment at 1-(800)-228-2519. We’re happy to help!

fall protectionThe last thing you want to encounter on the job is an accident. Though they are bound to happen, the least we can do is prepare ourselves. When working on a ladder, surroundings are crucial, and practicing good habits and awareness helps makes surroundings easier to work with. To stay well and aware, look around and practice these fall protection habits.




  • Inspect the Area Before a Job 

Being familiar with terrain is a simple, but effective way to map out your job’s trajectory. Look out for holes, objects, and other pitfalls that may permeate the area. Being aware will only help you in the long run, so get a good look at what you will be working with.


  • Invest In Supplies

We at Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment pride ourselves in offering great ladders, sure, but we also bear the user in mind. We have plenty of fall protection gear to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Break the bank and buy a harness or two. You never know when you’ll need it!


  • Check The Weather 

You probably open your weather app each day anyway, but it never hurts to check it if you plan on working on a project outside. It is always best to plan ahead, and knowing the weather ahead of time alerts you to any dangerous weather you could encounter.


  • Have Backup 

Never try to do a risky job alone. Make sure you have people nearby just in case you fall, trip, or harm yourself in some other way. Of course, if you are a member of a team, this is taken care of.



Take the time to practice these habits and buy some fall protection gear before you work on your next job that requires a ladder. You’ll thank us. For all of the ladders and supplies you need, contact Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment. Give us a call at 1-(800)-228-2519!


construction_equipmentSince ladders are so useful and practical, many have come out of the woodwork – especially with the technology available today. Choosing from a wide selection of ladders is a lot easier, though, when you know what to look for. Thinking about the job you need to do will help narrow down the choices, so consider the following!



Make sure the ground you use is steady, firstly. Once you have a thorough understanding of the surface, you can see what you’re working with and find the right ladder for the job that will fit the surface and grip it safely.




Think about how high up you need to be for the job and what you need to reach, then narrow down your size options. If you need to reach a single shelf, a stepladder will do just fine. Once you need to get to higher obstacles, it’s time to consider larger, taller options.




Weight is a very important factor, since it needs to distribute evenly on a ladder. Consider what you will be carrying, how much weight you have currently, and more. Depending on how much weight will be put on the ladder, you may need to go for a different type of ladder than you anticipated.



 Contact An Expert 

When all else fails and you are not well-educated about ladders and ladder safety, you can call an expert to set you straight. We at Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment are happy to explain safety to you and help you find the best ladder for you.




After considering all of these characteristics and differences amongst ladders, you should be able to find one that will serve you best on your next project. To find a quality ladder or safety equipment, contact Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment. Give us a call at 1-(800)-228-2519. We’re happy to help you!

When many think about buying ladders in MA, NH, or across New England, they often will head over to a national home improvementLadders store. Nation Wide Ladder wants you to stop and consider working with a business who are experts in the field. Though your local chains might be convenient, they just do not offer all of these great benefits you will receive when you choose with a business like Nation Wide Ladder.


Nation Wide Ladder has some of the most extensive showrooms in the area. We cater to industry pros, contractors, and homeowners to meet any needs they might have for their homes or projects. We are what many would call their one-stop-shop for various construction equipment across New England.


On top of having the selection that everyone wants and needs for ladders and scaffolding, we also meet the requirements for the professionals in the field. We only sell the highest quality products on the market that provide safety and security to any job site, no matter how big or small the project might be.


We have been a staple in our community for over 40 years, and we plan on continuing that tradition for years to come! As the industry has changed and grew, we have adapted our products and knowledge to meet those standards and only promote the safest work environment for those looking to get the job done right.

Choosing Nation Wide Ladder as your go-to for ladders and other construction equipment in New England means preferring superiority and top-notch customer service. Our showrooms are stocked with the best products and most educated team possible to answer any of your questions and provide you with the best experience yet.

With more questions about our products, please call our experts today at (800) 228-2519.

One of the most important aspects of being a go-to business for scaffolding in NH, MA, and around New England is keeping up with therestoration of the building relevant statistics and news regarding the construction industry. Following these important topics allows our experts to advise our clients and better prepare them for their job sites in the future.

In February of this year, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) released a report that showed an increase of construction worker related fatalities from 2006 to 2015. In the years of this study, over 460 construction workers died on the job, and the trend points itself to continuing upward with the top cause of death being falls. 49% of fatalities reported were caused by falls, and many of these falls were deemed preventable.

With these statistics and projections in mind, many are questioning the training that should be required to use construction and scaffolding equipment that abides with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines created to keep workers safe. Nearly 66% of employers were found to be breaking the law and not requiring the training necessary to follow OSHA protocol, and much of the equipment used was either not up to code or constructed properly.

NYCOSH is recommending an increase in enforcement and monitoring of safety-training programs across the state. These 10-hour programs will be designed to introduce employees to some of the common dangers in the workplace and how to navigate them safely. They also recommend preserving the New York Scaffold Safety Law

Fortunately, there are businesses out there who have access to the safety products and scaffolding you need like Nation Wide Ladder. We offer Alum-A-Pole and a variety of other standard construction equipment you need to help improve your employees’ safety and lessen the chance of fatalities.

With more questions, please contact our experts today at (800) 228-2519.

As the spring season rolls in, Nation Wide Ladder knows there are plenty of homeowners out there who are looking to work on someScaffolding NH and MA home improvement plans. One of the most common chores we hear is re-painting the house. Though ladders can be a fine option for this task, we can think of quite a few reasons you might benefit from scaffolding in MA or NH for this project.

Provides mobility without having to move equipment

Ladders can be an ideal option for smaller surface areas, but when it comes to painting the exterior of a home, scaffolding offers the flexibility and reach you can’t get anywhere else. Move freely across platforms and extend to the hard-to-reach corners you might otherwise miss with a ladder.

Can cut down on project time

Without having to get off, move, and re-climb your ladder constantly to reach difference areas of your exterior wall, you will quickly realize just how much faster your project can go. With the mobility scaffolding can offer you, you will be surprised just how much more you can get done in a few hours.

One of the safest options for painting out there

Ladders have very particular rules in regards to safety that should always be followed to avoid injury or fatalities. That being said, ladders also have limitations vertically and horizontally that scaffolding simply doesn’t. Instead of risking your life to reach a little bit higher or further on your exterior wall to avoid moving your ladder, scaffolding can give you the protection and motion you need to complete your work in one piece.

Whether you are in need of Alum-A-Pole rentals or simply need a ladder for your home, Nation Wide Ladder has you covered. Our large selection of products will leave you prepared for any home or commercial project you need completing next.

With more questions, please contact us today by calling (800) 228-2519.s

It’s not every day Nation Wide Ladder can celebrate a holiday directly related to our products and services, but now we have an entire Ladders in NH from Nation Widemonth to do just that! Did you know that this March marks the first ever National Ladder Safety month? As a business that sells ladders in MA, NH, and across the country, we couldn’t be more excited to share the news!

By making ladder safety a priority in the workplace and at home, people across the country are hoping to prevent one of the over 300 ladder-related fatalities and other injuries that happen every year.  The American Ladder Institute (ALI) is the presenting sponsor of this first annual awareness month and believe, like many of us, that ladder accidents are preventable.

Each week of the month will focus on different areas:

March 1-11: Why Ladder Safety and How It Affects Everyone

March 12-18: Ladder Safety at Work

March 19-25: Ladder Safety at Home

March 26-April 1: Ladder Inspection and Disposal

Throughout the entire month, there are various trainings, webinars, symposiums, and other events similar to help promote ladder safety, increase safety training, and decrease the chance of death and injury related to ladder use.

Nation Wide Ladder appreciates and recognizes just how important ladder safety is, no matter when or where in use. When you work with both commercial and residential users as often as we do, you learn how essential it is to be as educated and current as possible. Our team of experts often help guide our customers through the various accessories and features of our products to provide the most comprehensive instruction related to safety. If you have questions about your ladder, look no further than us!

With more questions about ladder safety, get in touch with Nation Wide Ladder today by calling (800) 228-2519.

Nation Wide Ladder wants all of our customers and their crews to be safe, and take special care during the winter seasons. As a company that sells Alum-A-Pole and follows OSHA closely to learn about injury concerns on construction sites, we can think of some reasons that winter is a dangerous time of year for construction and construction workers.

Freezing temperaturesAlum-A-Pole from Nation Wide Ladder

To begin, these temperatures can quickly become a problem for workers on your site. Not only is there a chance of hypothermia, frost bite, and other related dangers, it can also heighten potential concerns of respiratory restrictions, heart attack, and more. Lower temperatures mixed with strenuous activity can be a lot of work on the body, and result in potential injury.


Ice not only can weaken the equipment you are using to work, such as scaffolding, but also proves to be a hazard in all areas of the job site. Ice can be difficult to see and form on nearly any surface. On top of being a danger to slip, it can also cause freezing in pipes which are often thawed in dangerous ways, causing explosions and harm to employees.


This is especially important for those who are clearing snow after a storm to return to work. OSHA has documented numerous accounts of workers falling through buildings and fire escapes caused by snow covering areas of roofs and other heightened places and in turn covering dangerous holes that have led to severe or fatal injuries.


When working on the rooftop of a building, on ladders, or any other equipment that is located off the ground, the wind becomes increasingly more dangerous. The large differences in temperatures we face during the winter season across the country have been known to cause wind chills, and in turn, make working on nearly any surface outdoors dangerous.

Nation Wide Ladder encourages all construction site workers to research OSHA regulations for these winter dangers and to contact us for all their scaffolding needs in MA, NH, and across the country. Our experts are here to ensure that when you use our equipment, you are protected the best way possible, even in the winter months.

With more questions, contact us today by calling (800) 228-2519.